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What Microsoft OS is an upgrade of Windows 2000

Windows XP Professional is the successor to Windows 2000 Professional. Windows Server 2003 is the successor to Windows 2000 Server.

Which file system is used by floppy disks

FAT (File Allocation Table)

What is the purpose of the boot camp software on a mac

It makes it possible to install Windows on a MAC computer as a dual boot with MAC OS X. - Blue Box page 43 of A+ Guide to Managing & Maintaining Your PC - 6th edition.

It is an application located in your utilities that allows you to run windows programs on your MAC. NEWLY REALIZED

Alek Crooks

Which operating system was developed by Microsoft using core components of OS2 and was meant to replace OS2

Windows NT

Which operating system often used for server applications is a scaled-down version of Unix

This unenlightened question is found on many A+ certification exams, First, I will tell you the that they want. Then I will tell you why there is no correct .

The that they want you to write in is "Linux." This is in spite of the fact that Linux scales even higher than Unix and has more features, thereby making most Unix implementations the "scaled-down" operating system.

In order for something to be legally called a "version of Unix", it must undergo a rigorous certification process. No Linux distro has ever undergone this process, and so cannot be called a "version" of Unix. So then you would have to look at what certified Unix systems are commonly used in the server market. The only certified Unix systems still commonly used on the server market are Solaris 10, AIX and Mac OS X. All three of these systems scale very highly, which makes them unsuitable as an .

What is the next Microsoft operating system for desktop computers to be released in 2007

Windows Vista

What is the name of the file used by Windows 2000XP to hold data and instructions in virtual memory


In Windows XP Device Manager how do you uninstall a device

1. Right-click the device and click Uninstall on the shortcut menu.

What windows 2000XP and windows 9x utility allows you to update the device driver for a device

Device manager

Is a mouse more likely to be controlled by a device driver or by system BIOS

Device Driver

List three types of information kept in the windows registry

The Windows registry holds application configuration settings, software and hardware settings and user preferences. The registry can be modified by advanced users using the 'regedit' tool.

What Windows tool can you use to know how much RAM is installed on your system

Either Control panel system or task manger performance

What command can you enter in the Run dialog box of Windows 2000XP to launch the disk management utility

To open the Disk Management utility, use one of these methods:

#1. For Windows XP, click Start, Control Panel or for Windows 2000, click Start, Settings, Control Panel

Then: Open the Administrative Tools applet. The Computer Management window opens. Click Disk Management. The disk Management window opens

#2. Click Start, Run and enter Diskmgmt.msc in the Run dialog box. Press Enter.

*page 50 of CompTIA A+: Guide to Managing & Maintaining Your PC by Jean Andrews


Which of the two OS core components includes the windows desktop which of the two OS core components includes the windows memory manager

shell, kernel

If your printer is giving you trouble what is the best way to obtain an update for the device driver

go to Microsoft and down load a driver

Check the manufacturers website for updated drivers. They are usually located under a 'Support' or 'Downloads' section.
How do you access the display properties window. What are two settings you can change from this windows

Right-click anywhere on the desktop and select Properties from the shortcut menu or use the Display applet in Control Panel to access Display Properties. From this window, you can change the background, screen saver, color scheme, icon settings, color range, screen resolution, screen refresh rate, and drivers.

What is the windows keyboard shortcut to move from one loaded application to another To display the start menu from the windows desktop to close the active application window to shut down window when

Alt + Tab, Win or Ctrl+Esc, Alt+F4, and Ctrl+Alt+Del

What is 2008server

it is a proprietary operating system of microsoft. it is a upgradetion of 2003. it is 64bit o/s, and it has many more inbuilt server services.

If a floppy drive is divided into tracks which are divided into sectors How large is each sector

512 bytes of data

Name one device that is likely controlled by system BIOS

The CD, and Floppy Disk drives can be controlled by the BIOS upon startup.

Real Mode allows programs direct access to what but protected mode does not

In real mode, an application has complete access to all hardware resources. In protected mode the OS controls how an application can access hardware.

How do you check the windows operating system version

Just type "ver" at Windows' command prompt.


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