History of the United States

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What was the purpose of the Jamestown colony

The original purpose of the Jamestown colony was to make money for the Virginia Company.

What did the headright system do

The Headright system began in the US state of Virginia.

The Headright system tried to solve the labor shortage problem. It was also a way to attract new colonists. Immigrant colonists were given one headright and could receive one more for each passage they paid for an additional immigrant.

The Headright system also led to too much distribution of land, increasing the tension between the Native Americans and the colonists. It also let to the increase of indentured servitude and slavery.

Which of these forced the colonies to trade only with England

The Navigation Acts forced the colonists to trade with England and only allowed very limited trade with other countries.

Why did columbus go to the new world on his first journey

To find a new trade route to asia

Why did the hopi and pueblo use mud bricks to build their homes

That was the building material that was available to them.

Which European explorer conquered the Inca empire

Franciso Pizzaro.

What was the main reason European countries set up colonies

To increase their wealth and power
Gaining income and raw materials

How did many poor people from Europe get to the New World

Many poor people got to the New World from Europe by becoming servants. They figured to be a servant in the New World would be better than what they had in their world.

What helped Columbus convince Queen Isabella to pay for his voyage

Spain had many soldiers available to help it profit from exploration.

What was an effect of the expeditions of Pizzaro

the founding of Lima ----> apex class(:

Which of these exchanged between the Old and New Worlds caused the Pilgrims to notice abandoned farms and food upon their arrival in 1620


What changed the plains Indians culture

British colony

How did the slave trade cause a power shift Africa

African Port Cities grew in importance

What was the fact the Spanish language is widely spoken in north and south America

The efforts of Spain had a long and lasting impact.

Rulers of Spanish territories in the new world were known as


Algonquian is what

A native American language group. Apex

What is a positive result of the columbian exchange in Europe

the introduction of potatoes

How did Sir Edwin Sandys try to solve the labor shortage in Jamestown

Sandys tried to solve the labor shortage in Jamestown by promoting the creation of families in Jamestown.

What was a cause of European interest in goods from Asia


What are The stories and beliefs about the past create a shared culture in a community are known as

History as common memory

Which of these is a modern day result of the Spanish colonization of the Americas

Most people south of the United States still speak Spanish

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