Cherokee Indians

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Where did the Trail of Tears begin


How do you use pull factor in a sentence

The Pull factor pull factored the pull factor.

What was one cause of the Panic of 1819

One cause of the Panic of 1819 was that fewer exports going from America to Europe.

What helped the Cherokee survive on the Trail of Tears

They hunted game to eat (Apex 2020)

What was true about the treaty of new echota

One of the things the Treaty of New Echota did was that it divided the Cherokee.

What happened to the Cherokee after their forced removal to the Indian territory

They continued to lose land promised to them.

What might have made the movement of the Cherokee less terrible

Moving during a different time of year

Which group did the Democratic Party appeal to the most

The working class

Why were the first American railroads built in the South

farmers used them to move cotton.

What Did Immigration from Ireland mostly a result of

a famine

What is true about pre Columbian North and South America

They had complex societies.

How old is sacagewea husband when they met

Sacagewea was 12 when she got married so if you find out how old her husband is know all you have to do is subtract what year Sacagewea got married and subtract by his age simple math sometimes you have to do the math or do a report on Sacagewea and sorry for people who wanted the exact answer

Throughout the 1800 how did the price of cotton change

The price decreased (apex)

In the war of 1812 the United states fought great Britain as well as

Native Americans in the west.

What was a effect of the rapid growth of mills in the north

All of the above.

The goal of urban planning was to create places that had both function and what


The writings of Jacob stroyer are an important source of information because

They are a firsthand account by a slave

What is a list of the following events in the correct chronological order.

Answer this question…The Townshend Acts were passedThe proclamation line was set.The Boston Massacre occurred.

Planters moved from the Old South to the Deep South to do what

find new land

In the 1800's the term native American was used to describe

White Protestants

Where were most immigrants from in the second wave of immigration


What was the name given to the forced movement of Indians out of the forced movement of Indians out of the south

It has been called the Trail of Tears.

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