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What is the maximum length of a cable on a 100baseT network

100 meters or 328 feet.

What does the 100 in the name 100baseT indicate

100 megabits per second transfer rate.

Name three types of Ethernet What transmission speed does each support

10 base2 (thinnet), 10base5 (thicknet), 10baseT,100baseT (twisted-pair)

Of ipxspx tcpip and netbeui which is routable and which is not

IPX/SPX : Routable // TCP/IP : Routable // NetBEUI : Not Routable

8 what ieee standards describe Ethernet what ieee standards describe wireless lan

It's IEEE 802.3 for Ethernet and IEEE 802.11 for Wireless LANs.

What is the small cord sometimes found on the end of a PC card called

A "Dongle" or "Pigtail".

How is a router a more intelligent device than a switch

A router can route data to the correct network in a way that is similar to a switch's method. However, a router can also forward a message to its correct destination over the most efficient available route, to destinations far removed from the LANs to which it is connected. Switches and bridges use MAC addresses to make decisions, but for TCP/IP, routers us IP addresses to determine the path by which tp send a packet.

Why is understanding the warranty on notebooks so important

so you don't void the warranty

Place the following bandwidth technologies in the order of their highest speed from slowest to fastest sdsl isdn regular telephone lines cable modem gigabit Ethernet ATM

Gigabit Ethernet : 1Gbps // ATM : 25, 45, 155, or 622 Mbps // Cable Modem : 512 Kbps to 5 Mbps // SDSL : Up to 2.3 Mbps // ISDN : 64 Kbps to 128 Kbps
Telephone Lines : 56 Kbps

The question states SLOWEST TO FASTEST so it would be in reverse order:

Telephone lines: 56kbps, ISDN: 64 Kbps to 128 KBps, SDSL: Up to 2.3 MBPS, Cable Modem: 512 Kbps to 5 Mbps, ATM: 25, 45, 155, or 622 MBps and Gigbit Ethernet: 1Gbps

What is the purpose of the at command atmo

The purpose of the AT command 'ATMO' turns off the speaker

Give one example in each method of mixture

give one example for each methods

What type of routing uses information that is manually entered into the routing table


For what is the Windows Scripting Host utility used and what is the command line to execute it

The Windows Scripting Host utility uses Windows commands to execute scripts that programmers have written using a scripting language such as VBScript or Jscript. To run the script, type wscript.exe filename in the Run dialog box.

How is a FDDI network like a Token Ring network How is it different

Both Token Ring and FDDI use the concept of a ring topology structure. However, Token Ring is used in a LAN, and FDDI is used in a MAN.

Token Ring is implemented with copper cable (UTP cable) and FDDI uses Fiber Optic cable.

Finally, the protocols are very different between the two. FDDI uses a synchronous type of transmission, where Token Ring uses an actual token (a 3 character packet) to control who has access to transmit or receive on the network. FDDI does not use this technique.

What topology does a token ring use

Token ring uses star topology . The data token is being passed from one computer to other allowing all the computer to have network access and avoids data collision.

What factor may consider when selecting NIC

TYPE OF media

A device that performs some of the functions of both a bridge and a router is called


Is it true or false that with a wireless network it is easier to relocate devices


What are two popular examples of broadband technology

Cable modem and DSL

Can 2 computers have the same netbios name

No, you cannot have the same netbios names because there would be a conflict between the computers and Netbios names are unique names.

Which cable type you can use to network two computers

You can use Cross over cable or LAN cable or Ethernet cable.

What kind of connector do you use to connect a modem to a standard telephone line

An RJ-11 connector is used to connect a 2- or 4-wire from an analog modem to a telephone jack.

Two different between Mac address and ip address

* MAC addresses are used at layer 2 of the OSI model; IP addresses are layer-3 addresses.* MAC addresses are globally unique. IP addresses may not be unique, if private addresses are used.

* IP addresses have a sort of hierarchical structure (at the very least, network and host parts). MAC addresses are "flat" (no hierarchy).

* MAC addresses are 6 bytes long. IP addresses are either 4 or 16 bytes long.

* A MAC address is only relevant within its network. An IP network may be globally relevant.

If you have gigabit network cards in your PC the internal network will be faster.

If you have gigabit network cards in your PC the internal network will be faster.

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