Artists and Painters

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How many paintings are there of Harris Burdick

14 original

and one found later thought to be 15th image, but there is no way to confirm that.

What is the most frequently used word in the English language

The most commonly used word in English is the word 'the'.

What is 7 13 pounds in pounds

"lbs" is the abbreviation for pounds, there 713 pounds = 713 lbs.

What did Giotto contribute to Western art

He was the first European painter to represent realistic forms on a flat surface.

What did Duccio introduce into medieval art


Which of these is an example of symbolism in a painting

The depiction of a lily that represents purity

What was a favored medium among artists who painted in the international gothic style

Oil Paints

A painting that shows a candle that is meant to represent the eternal flame is making use of


Robert Campin relied on symbolism in order to

convey the holiness present in even the most everyday subjects

In what way did Van der Weyden differentiate himself from the Van Eycks

He explored emotional rather than physical reality.

Look at this close-up from the Arnolfini Portrait painted in 1434 by Jan van Eyck. What does this close-up reveal about Van Eyck's painting style

The attention to detail [APEX] you are welcome😌

Which on of these is a feature of the international gothic style

Reliance on abstract figures

The ghent altarpiece is a panel painting by the van eyck brother that depicts

a series of biblical events

What feature in this painting by pietro lorenzetti chracterized the international gothic style

The Gods Eye View

Look at this painting by duccio... the painting is an early attempt at:

linear perspective

A triptych is an artwork that is comprised of three

Panels (apex)

What are most of Giotto's surviving works of art


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