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What is the root of the word explicit

'Explicit' is a Latin word meaning 'he, she, or it explains'.

What is the theme of a poem

A poetic theme is the idea and the message the poet wants to give to the reader through the poem.

What is the largest country with the largest economy

The country with the largest economy in the world is to the United States, which is the third largest by area and by population. However, the largest country in the world, Russia, has the 9th largest economy out of any country. The most populated country in the world, China, has the 2nd largest economy out of any country.

Is there a criticism of the poem Forgetfulness by Billy Collins

I am afraid not

What is a word for something that can't be defined

The word for something which can't be defined is "indefinable."

What is the correct possessive form of The Gregors

If their name is Gregor and you're referring to both of them, the correct possessive is The Gregors'

(example: the Gregors' swimming pool is clean.)

Which term refers to words or ideas that are clearly expressed and leave no question as to their meaning

Explicit Answer this question…

What happens to the body if the digestion stops working

If that happens, the body will starve to death.

What does the term implicit mean

Suggested but not clearly expressed.

What can the reader learn about by studying the implicit meanings of words in a poem

the poems theme

Why might a story be reinterpreted by another author

To change the story to the circumstances of another culture (Apex)

Why does Housman emphasize the word now in poem

To draw attention to the importance of living in the present moment.

What does Collins seem to be saying about the subject of aging

Answer this question… That it happens to everyone

What interpretation is a possible theme of Ovid's The Story of Daedalus and Icarus

Reaching too high can be the cause of your eventual downfall. [APEX]

What metaphor for aging does Shakespeare use


In Loveliest of Trees the Cherry Now by A. E. Housman what could be a symbol for something that goes away much too quickly

Snow. [APEX]

What statement is the clearest example of a theme

Friends turning against each other

Which sentence is most clearly discussing the implicit meaning of a text

The structure makes the poem feel urgent

Which summarized story is most likely a myth

A handsome young man sits and stares at his own reflection until he starves to death. After he dies, a flower named after him grows where he was sitting. [APEX]

Where does Icarus drown in Pieter Brueghel's painting Landscape with the Fall of Icarus

Close to a passing ship. [APEX]

In Auden's "Musรฉe des Beaux Arts," Williams's "Landscape with the Fall of Icarus," and Brueghel's Landscape with the Fall of Icarus all share which theme

Life goes on while someone is suffering. [APEX]

Which statement is the best example of an interpretation

Williams is making a statement about death in general. [APEX]

What element appears in Auden's "Musรฉe des Beaux Arts" but is excluded in Williams's "Landscape with the Fall of Icarus"

The ship that watched Icarus fall. [APEX]

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