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What is one of the key characteristics of moving from the outline phase to the drafting phase

The ideas you had in your outline will most likely change as you write.

What is the focus of outlining

To choose your best ideas and arrange them in logical order.

Why should you wait to revise until after you finish your draft

All of the above are correct.

What stage of the writing process comes at the very end

Getting feedback and revising again
Getting feedback and revising again

What step in the writing process comes right before outlining

Getting the topic you write about

What is true of your ideas as you move from the outlining stage to the drafting stage

each idea must be adapted to fit into its paragraph

What do you not look for in the global revision stage


While you are drafting what should you do if you get stuck

Revisit your outline and use it to find a solution

What do you need to remember about the media in order to be media literate

to be literate, you must be able to read every letter in all the ways they can be used. to be media literate, you must be able to understand all views in all ways they may be interpreted. good luck man. i am proud to be media illiterate. most who claim to be media literate are one sided hipocrits anyway, not all, but most.
Media messages are produced for a purpose.

Which stage follows drafting


What should you do while you write

Just write, without any distractions

What kinds of problems should be corrected in a paragraph during local revision

Punctuation and grammar

What stage does drafting follow


What should you do with new ideas during the drafting phase of the writing process

Check the outline to see if there is a place for the new ideas

If you were outlining an essay using the sentences bellow which one would you use as your thesis statement

Although many people like big dogs, small dogs are a better option for first-time owners.

What happens if you try to revise while you are writing you rough draft instead of waiting until your are finished

The process of writing something is nothing to do with revision of what you have been taught.

Define topic sentence

The sentence in a paragraph that summarizes what that paragraph is about

Which of the following should leaders NOT do during brainstorming

Demand specific benefits

If you get stuck trying to move from one thought to the next while writing it may mean that you have a gap in your logic. How can you fix this problem

You can add a bridge or transition that will get you from one idea to the next.

What is the name for a group of sentences about a single topic

A group of sentences covering the same topic in an article, letter, or document is a paragraph.

Which of the-following do you do when you outline

Logically arrange your ideas

Which of the-following thesis statements does not need to be rewritten

Shakespeare's King Lear is about nothing: Ciphers and zeros recur as motifs and represent the main theme of the play.

Which of the-following are part of the prewriting stage of the writing process

Generating and organizing

Which of the following is something to look for during local revision


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