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That varied, Some of them were strongly opposed to it, some of them strongly supported it, some of them were indifferent to the matter, and some, such as Jefferson, were torn. Jefferson knew slavery was wrong and spent a great deal of effort to try to end it, at least in Virginina. Yet he owned slaves and never could find a way to free them. Michael Montagne

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Q: How did the founding fathers feel about slavery?
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The founding fathers failed to abolish slavery because?


Why did the founding fathers decide to keep slavery?

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Why didn't the founding fathers halt slavery?

because its not nice

Why did the founding fathers fail to eliminate slavery?

The founding fathers failed to eliminate slavery because the slaves were the deal then as they helped in doing labor work that helped spur the economy.

Did the founding fathers think slavery would die out by 1860?


How did the founding fathers deal with slavery?

They didn't . Most owned slaves.

Why did the Founding Fathers keep slavery in the Constitution?

Some of the states would not ratify, or approve, the new Constitution if they had anything to do with slavery. For compromise, the Founding Fathers agreed to let the matter of slavery be left alone for at least 20 years.

How did the founding fathers justify slavery?

they didn't think that it was fair to others ,so the founding fathers thought to start the state of America without out slavery so every American can enjoy and love their state!

Why did the founding fathers allow slavery to continue?

Many of the Founding Fathers had slaves and knew that way of life. Change is always hard to follow through when it affects you personally.

Why did the founding fathers avoid the slavery issue?

the Founding Fathers avoided the slavery issue because it would've disrupted colonial unity (because the north and south would've been arguing) that was much needed in creating a union/country.

Did the founding fathers stop slavery?

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Was john marshall a slave owner?

No. He was one of the Founding Fathers of which were members of societies for ending slavery.

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