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Q: How does the London blitz affect the world today?
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What was the bombing of London called during the world war 2?

The Blitz or the London Blitz.

What were the main targets of the Blitz in the World War 2?


What was the bombong of London called during world war 2?

They were called ''The Blitz''

What makes the London blitz important in World War 2?

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The German World War 2 air raids on London became known as what?

The Blitz.

What kind of devastation did world war 2 cause?

the london blitz would have been the most devastating part in the world war 2 for london.

How many days did the blitz in world war 2 go on for?

The Blitz bombing in London England went on for 51 days!! and started September 7, 1940

What was the name given to persistent air attack on London during world war 2?

"The Blitz" .

Was England bombed in World War 2?

Yes, the German air assault on London and other areas was called "the Blitz."

How many firefighters died in the Blitz World War 2?

The National Firefighters Memorial in London bears 997 names of fallen wartime firefighters. Most of them presumably died in "the Blitz" (1940-1941).

When did the blitz in World War I start?

There wasn't a Blitz in world war 1!

How many people died during the World War 2 blitz?

Lots">Lotsover 40,000!During the Blitz in London, roughly 40,000 civilians died and many many more were injured.