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Q: How many Jews survived the death camps of the holocaust?
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What did the Holocaust do to the Jews?

During the Holocaust, Jews were captured and sent to death and concentration camps. At the death camps, Jews were killed. By shooting, Strangling, Poisen gas(Gas Chamber), and Burning alive. The Holocaust Killed MILLIONS of Jews. and only 100 or so Jews survived. All Jews caught were Starved,beaten ect

How did the Jews survive the concentration camps?

Jews survived the holocaust by being lucky to be in the camps at the end just before they camps were liberated or the had a iron will and fought to the end

How many people died in death camps during the Holocaust?

About 6 million Jews died in the death camps during the Holocaust. The purpose of the death camps were to do a mass extermination of the Jews.

What are the death camps in the Holocaust?

the death camps during the Holocaust were actually called concentration camps, its purpose was to prison all the minorities that the Nazis were trying to get rid of, such as the Jews.

Why did people get sent to camps during the Holocaust?

Jews were sent to concentration camps during the holocaust to be killed by a gas room, being shot, or worked to death. The Jews had to wear the yellow star on their close. The Jews were creamated after death.

What is an aktzia?

(Holocaust history) roundup of Jews from conquered territory for transport to death camps

Were there 600000 jews that survived the holocaust?

no about 150,000 survived

What were prison camps in the holocaust?

Jews were sent to concentration camps to be tourtured and killed. Many were worked brutally until death.

How do you find out about the interviews of Jews that survived the death camps?

go to one of the institutions that conduct the interviews.

What did Germany do during the holocaust?

They captured Jews and sent all of them to concentration camps, where the Jews eventually died. Only a few Jews out of every camp actually survived. In the concentration camps, they Jews were burned, starved, raped, stabbed, and tortured.

Which of all concentration camps in the holocaust killed the most Jews?

Auschwitz-Birkenau with a total death of 1.2 million jews

Did people that were hiding in the Holocaust die?

Some of the people that were hiding in the Holocaust died, while others were sent to concentration camps. Though brutal, some Jews survived.

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