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Nearly three million soldiers served in the US Civil War.

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2017-08-13 23:04:20
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Q: How many soldiers served on both sides during the US Civil War?
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What was the greatest cause of death on the soldiers on both sides during the Civil War?


Describe three hardships faced by soldiers during the civil war?

Three hardships faced by soldiers during the civil war were hunger, heat, and cold. These hardships had to be endured by soldiers fighting on both sides of the war.

Did soldiers want to switch sides during the civil war?

No why would you ask that ask your teacher

What mountain range did the soldiers from both sides sometimes have to cross in the civi l war?

During the Civil War the soldiers of both sides had sometimes to cross the Appalachians.

When did most US soldiers die?

The most US soldiers died during the American Civil War. That is because Americans were fighting on both sides.

Who used the guns in the civil war?

Soldiers on both sides

Women made particular advances during the civil war by?

by entering industrial employment and providing medical aid for soldiers on both sides

What was a constant threat to soldiers in the US Civil War?

For soldiers on both sides of the US Civil War, a major and consistent threat for soldiers were diseases such as malaria and dysentery. Also, the large number of amputations during the war, often resulted in infections due to the lack of antibiotic medicines.

How many soldiers died on both sides of the civil war?

About 642,000 total

Did people swap sides during the English Civil War?

People very rarely changed sides during the English Civil War.

What did both sides do to get more soldiers in the civil war?

offered pay to soldiers along with promises of homes, education, and "insurance"

What were the two opposing sides during the US Civil Wars?

the two sides during the US civil war were the union (North) and the confederacy (south)

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