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Treatment of Returning VeteransWW2 veterans were respected by the public, Vietnam veterans and were looked down upon by the public, mostly because the media was where it shouldn't have been. Untill several years latter of course, now the veterans of Vietnam are respected as well

WW2 Veterans were greated with parades. Vietnam Veterans as well as Vietnam Era Veterans were spat at and called 'baby killers'.

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2011-09-13 06:04:18
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Q: How were World War 2 veterans and Vietnam veterans treated differently when returning home?
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Why were the Vietnam veterans treated badly at home?

Since South Vietnam collapsed, and US servicemen had fought for the South, returning servicemen were treated as losers. This was not new, it happened to returning Southerners after the American Civil War (US Civil War) too.

How did the homefront perceive World War 2 and Vietnam?

WWII veterans were heros; Vietnam veterans were treated with contempt.

How were your veterans treated when they got home from the Vietnam war?

The Black Vietnam War Veterans was treated like dogs. Most of them could not get a job and end up in prison with life sentence.

How were the Vietnam veterans treated when they got back from Vietnam?

Very poorly. most collage students hated the Veterans. The general public did not welcome them home. Veterans generally were outcast.

How many US Vietnam veterans committed suicide after the Vietnam war?

While there are no hard numbers, about 100,000 veterans of Vietnam have committed suicide. Many of them suffered with post traumatic stress disorder that was never treated or treated properly.

How were some of the Vietnam veterans treated when they reaturned home?

like an unwanted erection!!!

How did the Vietnam war affect the soliers?

US servicemen returning home from Vietnam were treated with hostility, discrimination, and rejection.

How were Vietnam soldiers treated differently from World War 2 soldiers?

WWII men fought the good war. Vietnam returnees were treated as losers.

How did Vietnam veterans feel after the war?

Many Vietnam veterans felt alienated when they returned to the United States. They were not treated very well by the American public and this caused them to feel ashamed.

In what way were the soldiers returning from Vietnam treated differently compared to the soldiers from World War 2?

WWII vets returned to parades and cheers. Viet vets had to hide or fight (with their fists) upon their return.

How did society view world war1compered to the Vietnam war?

US veterans returning from wars have generally been well received by the US public. The only exceptions were the US Civil War (1861-1865), when Confederates returned to their homes in the south & were treated harshly by their countrymen; and Vietnam, when they received harsh treatment from their fellow countrymen upon returning home.

Why were Australian Vietnam war veterans treated badly when they returned home?

Politically-induced bad publicity.

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