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The Declaration of Independence is the name of the letter the American colonist sent to England declaring their independence.

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Q: What did the colonist write to declare thensevles independent from great britatin?
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What did the colonist write to declare themselves independent from Great Britain?

Declaration of Independence (I think)

Why did the colonist declare their independence?

i d ont know

What did the declaration of independence declare?

That the colonist want independence

What was it called when a colonist is not sure to declare independence from Britain?

A Loyalist

What did common sense do for the colonist?

Urged them to declare independence and establish a republic.

What did thomas pain write to encourage the colonist to declare independence?

Thomas Paine wrote the Declaration of Independence to bring peace to the colonist.

How did the colonist come to believe they should declare independence from Britain?

they wanted to be free

What did thomas paine urge the colonist to do in his pamphlet common sense?

To declare independence and to establish a republic.

Why should Britain declare independence?

Great Britain is independent and has no need to declare independence.

Why did the colonist believe they needed to explain their theory of government in order to justify their decision to declare independence?

We went to war for freedom. The colonist wanted independence.

What was Thomas Paines Contribution to independence?

I think it was how he tried to get other colonist to declare independence.

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