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Slaves in the South during the US Civil War mostly served in their regular capacity on the plantations. Often times slaves were required to leave the labor in plantations and become workers that traveled with the Confederate armies. They did manual work for the armies such as carrying ammunition and acting as cooks. Confederate President Jefferson Davis sought to enlist them in the army but that was not approved until 1865, far too late to help the South.
In the North, escaped slaves from the South were recruited into the Union armies. At first white Union soldiers objected to this practice. Later, it was accepted and they were formed into Black regiments under the command of white officers. Also, Freed Blacks in New England were formed into regiments and made a good source of fighters.
Mostly in Louisiana, slaves freed by Union armies fought as Union soldiers. Many former slaves fought in the various Union attempts to capture Vicksburg.

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Q: What happened to slaves during the US Civil War?
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