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the came

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Q: What series of events led to the Soviet Union joining the Allies during World War ll?
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What major events happened in the Soviet Union during 1944?

pickles rule

What specific events did the soviet union do during World War 2?

the y surronded hitler

What major events happened during Ronald Regan's presedency?

He brought down the Soviet Union

What events brought the cold war close to home?

they had many other allies and would defeat the powers of soviet union leaders, they also had more nuclear weapons.

What were the roots of the conflict between the US and the Soviet Union?

Events preceding the Second World War, and even the Russian Revolution of 1917, underlay pre-World War II tensions between the Soviet Union, western European countries and the United States. A series of events during and after World War II exacerbated tensions, including the Soviet-German pact during the first two years of the war leading to subsequent invasions, the perceived delay of an amphibious invasion of German-occupied Europe, the western allies' support of the Atlantic Charter, disagreement in wartime conferences over the fate of Eastern Europe, the Soviets' creation of an Eastern Bloc of Soviet satellite states, western allies scrapping the Morgenthau Plan to support the rebuilding of German industry, and the Marshall Plan. =

What were the major events during the soviet union?

leading power with the united states -nucleur weapons -communism -satelites -puppet governments

What events helped turn the tide of war in favor of the allies?

During World War II, many events helped to turn the tide of war in favor of the Allies. Principally, however, two events in 1942-1943 were most significant. First, the Battle of the Atlantic ended in an Allied victory in mid-1943, squelching German sea-threats and ensuring the opening of a Second Front in Europe at some near-future point. On land, the Soviet victory at Stalingrad between late 1942 and early 1943 demonstrated the weakening of Germany's 'blitzkrieg' forces and the growing strength of the Soviet Army, with the disparity growing with each year that would follow.

What were three historic events that took place during Ronald Reagan's presidency?

Historic events during Ronald Reagan's presidency include the fall of the Berlin Wall, the disintegration of the Soviet Union, and the fall of Communism in Russia and eastern Europe.

What major events were taking place during John F. Kennedy administration?

The Cuban missile crisis, where the Soviet Union put missiles in Cuba.

Which accurately describe events during World War II?

The Soviet Union did more to weaken Germany's military than did any other nation. Germany controlled France throughout much of the war Germany was forced to abandon its plans to occupy Britain.

What were the differences in ideology and the events that increased tensions between the US and Soviet Union?

Soviet Union was communist.

What events worsened relations between the United States and the Soviet Union?

Soviet Union invasion of Afghanistan

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