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The Allied Powers

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Q: What was the name given to countries fighting against Germany in World War 2?
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Name given to countries fighting against Germany?

The name given to the countries fighting against Germany was Allies. This name was given to this group in both World Wars.

What countries were fighting against the Jews in World War 2?


What were the main countries fighting against each other in world war 2?

France and Germany

Who was fighting against whom in world war 2?

There where many countries fighting but the most serious fight was between Russia and Germany. (Russia won) :-))

What countries was America fighting against in World War 1?

Germany, Austria-Hungary, and Italy made up the Triple Alliance.

What were the two countries fighting in World War 1?


What countries were the us fighting in world war2?

Japan, Germany, Italy.

What two countries were France and Germany fighting over in World War 1?

In the first world war France and Germany were fighting over Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Who were the three main allied forces in World War 2 who were they fighting against?

The US, USSR, and Great Britain were the "Big Three" and they led the Allied countries against the Axis countries led by Germany, Japan, and Italy. * When the war began it was Great Britain, France, and Poland allied against Germany alone.

Which countries fought against Germany in World War 1 but on Germany's side in World War 2?

Japan and Italy fought against Germany in World War 1 but were on Germany's side in World War 2

Which nation kept fighting against Germany during World War 2?

Britain .

What two countries went to war against Germany and Italy in World War 2?

The US, England, and Russia were known as the allied countries and fought against Germany and Italy who were known as axis countries in World War II

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