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I pooped

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Q: What were the negative and positive effects of imperialism on the Muslim lands?
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What are some negative effects that Muslims Arab and Christian American's have had on the US?

One of the most negative effects that Muslim Arabs and Christian Americans have had on the US is a negative attitude that came about after 9/11.

What are the negative effects of double personalities behaviour on the Muslim society?

well you know about 9-11 that was a multipersonality incciddent...

Which of the following contributions to European culture can be attributed to the Muslim empire?

AIndustrialization, imperialism, nationalismBImperialism, industrialization, nationalismCNationalism, imperialism, industrializationDIndustrialization, nationalism, imperialism ANSWER: D

What are negative effects of infrared?

hi. Im bob and i'm looking for a horny female muslim between the age of 40-60

What were the methods did the Muslim leaders use to try to prevent imperialism?

Muslim leaders did and do not try to prevent imperialism. There have been great Muslim empires such as the Ottoman Empire, the Mogul Empire etc. Muslims and Islam was and still are imperialists as is proven by the desire by some for a new Muslim caliphate.

What are negative effects of infrared radiation?

hi. Im bob and i'm looking for a horny female muslim between the age of 40-60

How were the reactions of african and muslim rulers to imperialism similar and different?

Africans allowed imperialism while Muslims didn't. They both wanted to modernize for the benefits of their countries.

What brought the Muslim league and the All India Congress together?

The common goal of the liberation of India from the British Imperialism.

How was Western Imperialism a source of stress in Muslim regions of the world?

Because the middle east leaders believed westernization as a new form of imperialism, which was cause women and children to act against the Koran.

What are some positive uses of radiation?

helping to kill cancerous cells in the human body. Help induce mutations in cells to learn about the effects. To wipe people off the face of the earth (what the Muslim extremists think)

Why do people have Negative Attitude toward Muslims beliefs?

Because most are ignorant to the actual customs of Muslim's. But they usually see being Muslim as a negative thing because almost all of our bad terrorist attacks were from people that were of Muslim heritage. i.e. 9/11.

How were the reactions of African and Muslim rulers to imperialism similar How were they different?

-Same- both wanted to modernize for the benefit of there country -Different- Africa allowed Imperial rule Muslim Countries didnt allow imperial rule

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