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Andrew Johnson Lee was never granted an individual pardon during his lifetime. He applied for one but it was not acted upon, apparently because the required oath of allegiance was misfiled. Johnson's Amnesty proclamation of July 4, 1868 applied to all former Confederates not actually under indictment, and required no oath, but this still didn't help Lee, who had been indicted for treason in June 1865, though the indictment was never proceded with.However, at Christmas 1868 President Johnson issued a further amnesty which did not make this exception, so that Lee was included in it, even though not mentioned by name. Lee's citizenship was restored by Congressional resolution and a pardon was granted posthumously effective 13 June 1975 by Gerald R. Ford.

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Q: Which President granted a pardon to Robert E. Lee for having served in the Confederacy?
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