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He refused to join a political party and believed them to be harmful.

^ that is true but many people considered him as a member of the federalists. but for A+ its none

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Q: Which political party did George Washington represent?
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Which president did not represent a political party?

George Washington was the only US President without party affiliation.

Who is the only president to not represent a political party?

George Washington was the only U.S. president without a party affiliation.

Did George Washington establish the political party?

No- Washington was not a party animal- he did not establish any political party nor did he belong to one.

Why didnt George Washington have a political party?

he did not believe in political parties

What political party did George Washington representatives?


Which was the only president that did not represent a poitical party?

George Washington.

Was George Washington a demacrat or Republican?

He was never an official member of any political party, though he shared some of the views of a party that existed in his time called the Federalist Party. George Washington Was not a member of a political party.

Which political party came into power when George Washington was in office?

the federalist party

What US president was the only president to not belong to any political party when first elected?

George Washington. During Washington's two terms the Federalist and Republican (not the current Republican) parties were formed. John Adams was the first (and only) Federalist President, and Jefferson was the first Republican President.

What was the political party George Washington became president?


Who was the the only president not affiliated in a political party?

George Washington.

What party affiliation was George Washington?

George Washington is currently the only president to have been elected without any official endorsement by a political party. Generally speaking, Washington's policies reflected a moderate Federalist agenda. He governed for 8 years in total.