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Candidates for Youngest Officer in the U.S. Army

  • Hamilton, Alexander - b. 1757, appt captain, Continental Army, 14 Mar 1776 - age 19.
  • MacArthur, Arthur - b. 2 Jun 1845, appt lieutenant, 4 Aug 1862 - age 18.
  • Murphy, Audie - b. 1924, field commission 1944 - age 20.
  • Sabin, Albert - b. 1843, appt lieutenant 19 Feb 1862 - age 19.
  • Wilkinson, James - b. 1757, appt captain, Continental Army, Mar 1776 - age 19.
  • Burger, Joseph - b. 16 Apr. 1848 field commission to captain 1863 - age 15.

Among the youngest commissioned officers in the US Army in the 20th and 21st Centuries, are:

CHRISTIAN, David A. b: 26 October 1948 and commissioned a Lt. in the US Army on 1 August 1967-age 18 years 9 months. Airborne, Ranger, and Special Forces qualified. Promoted to Captain in Vietnam, age 20, and retired from wounds in Vietnam on 4 July 1970, age-21 years 8 months. Established by 10 USC 1201 & 1372.

Oakes, Loyd, Bombardier, Class 43-17, b- 24 February 1925 and commissioned in the US Army AIR CORPS on 4 Dec 1943 - age 18 yrs, 10 months.

Fretwell, Timothy C. - b: 11 April 1985 and commissioned in the USMC on 25 March 2005 - age 19 yrs, 11 months.

Thrash, Gerald W. - b: 23 October 1943 and commissioned in the US ARMY on 1 October 1963 - age 19 yrs, 11 months.

For the youngest officer in the US Marine Corps: Butler, Smedley Darlington - b. 30 July 1881, commissioned 2nd Lieutenant, USMC, 1898-age 16.

Kane, John E. Jr. - b: 24 May 1948 and commissioned in the US ARMY on 18 July 1967 - age 19 yrs, 1 month.

Irwin, Gerald E-b: 16 July 1948, commissioned in the US Army on 24 June 1967-age 18Years, 11 months- Captain in Vietnam June 1969- 20 Years 11 Months

COOK, Douglas E. b. October 24, 1948, commissioned as a Lt in the US Army on August 30, 1967 - age 18 yrs 10 months. Helicopter Pilot served in Vietnam and Germany . Awarded Over 50 combat medals including the Bronze Star. Left service in July 1973

My own father was among the youngest in US history: Major Philip B Larimore, Jr commissioned on Jan 25, 1943 at 18yrs and 21 days.

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19 Sarah Baker graduated Ft Dix NJ 1978

18 Lewis Glenn Gatlin graduated Ft Jackson SC 1969

18 John Paul Tollett graduated Ft Ord Calif 1971

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Well i dont know if im the youngest, but i commissioned 2 months after my 19th birthday in July of 2010

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LeArthur Williams

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Q: Who is the youngest lieutenant in the US army?
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