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because Poland had sort of attacked/ declared war on Japan 3 days earlier.

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2011-11-06 15:24:08
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Q: Why did Hitler declare war on Poland?
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Is it true Hitler's invasion of Poland led the Soviet Union to declare war against Germany?

No. Hitler had a Pact with the Soviet Union that split Poland between them. The invasion of Poland lead Britain and France to declare war on Germany. The Soviets entered the war when Hitler invaded Russia.

Britain and France claimed that if Hitler tried to take this country they would be forced to declare war on him?

If Hitler took Poland then Britain and France would declare war on him, which they did.

What act by Hitler finally forced Britain and France to declare war?

The invasion of Poland.

What led France and Britain to declare war on Germany?

Hitler and the Nazis invaded Poland.

Why did Great Britain declare war on Germany in world war 2?

because Hitler invaded Poland

When did Adolf Hitler declare World War 2?

Hitler never declared war, it was the French and the British that declared war on Germany! Why did they declare war? Because Hitler invaded Poland. Great Britain and France declared war on Germany On September 3, 1939.

What country did Hitler invade that caused great brintain and France to declare war on Germany?


Who did Hitler invade that caused France and Britain to declare war on Germany?

Invasion of Poland in 1939

Why did Britain declared war in world war 2?

because Neville chamberlain sent a message to Hitler by radio telling him if he didn't get out of Poland by 11 am on September 1st we would declare war he did not get out of Poland so we did declare war.

What country did Hitler attack to cause great Britain to declare war?

Hitler and his SS assaulted and captured Poland, which sparked war between Britain and the Nazis.

Why did Winston Churchill declare World War 2?

Because he said that Hitler could't attack Poland

When did Hitler declare war with Poland?

Technically, they never declared war on Poland - but as they invaded Poland due to Polish people attacking Germans and having "German land" the UK and France declared war on Germany.

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