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In 1657, Lord Oliver Cromwell, the self-proclaimed Lord Protector of England from 1649 until 1658, hated Christmas and declared it a pagan holiday, not sanctioned by The Bible. Festivals that promoted gluttony and drunkenness were against the righteous Christian ethics. Cromwell's Puritan Council abolished Christmas on December 22, 1657. In London and all across England, Cromwell's soldiers were directed to take, by force if necessary, any foods being cooked for any Christmas celebration. The smell of goose being cooked in December could mean big trouble to a hapless family. Cromwell considered pies as a guilty, forbidden Pagan pleasure. The traditional mincemeat pie was banned. King Charles II restored Christmas when he ascended the throne in 1660.

In 1659, Oliver Cromwell's Puritan influence had spread across the Atlantic Ocean to American British Colonies, and many towns in New England went so far as to actually ban mincemeat pies at Christmas time. Christmas was actually banned in Boston from 1659 to 1681. Those celebrating it were fined and jailed.

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Q: Why were mince pies banned?
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