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Q: Why were there Americans who favored the Central powers over the allies?
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What are 5 groups of Americans that favored central powers?


What was the attitude of the US before 1915?

Many German Americans favored the Central Powers.

Which groups in the United States favored the Central Powers?

Americans of Irish and German descent.

What groups of Americans favored the central powers at the beginning of wold war one?

people that emigrated from the central powers into america/had background from the central powers (emigrated germans, aunstria-hungarians, and italians)

What were the central powers strategies?

The Axis Powers fought against the Allies in WWII. The Central Powers fought against the Allies in WWI.

What correctly describes attitudes in the US before entering World War 1?

There was a large isolationist movement.Many Irish Americans supported the Central Powers.Many German Americans favored the central powers

Countries of World War I?

there are actually Quite a lot of countries involved in ww1 Great britain (Allies America (Allies, joined in april, 1917) Germany (Central powers) France (Allies) Russia (Allies, left in February 1917 due to Russian Revolution) Turkey (Central powers) Italy (Allies) Romania (Allies) Serbia (Allies Greece (Allies) Austria-Hungary (Central powers) Bosnia (Central powers) Bulgaria (Central powers) British Empire (Allies) Belgium (Allies) Portugal (Allies) hope this helps you :-)

Compare the strength of Allies and Central Powers?

the allies were stronger

Did the central powers or the allies win in ww1?

The Allies won.

How did both allies and central powers try to gain support of the Americans?

Both the allies and central powers tried to gain support of the Americans by using campaigns and propagandas. I know you use this because it's an easier way to get answers, but be careful. There are people out there that just want to mess around. And, anybody can edit the truth.

Was the Ottoman Empire with the central power or the allies?

central powers

How did the central powers and the allies try to influence American public opinion?

How did the central powers and allies try to influence American public opinion

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