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Q: How did Lutheranism become a revolution in the early 16th century?
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Industrial Revolution as an ongoing revolution?

The Industrial Revolution ended between the late 19th century and early 20th century.

Who was the early 20th century Mexican Revolution directed against?

Porfirio Diaz

How was america different in the early 19th century compared to just after the american revolution?

The American was different in that the early Americans were poor compared to those in the 19th century.

When did Bach become a composer?

in the early 19th century

When was lutheranism recognized as an independent religion?

Lutheranism was recognized as an independent religion in the early 16th century when Martin Luther broke away from the Catholic Church. This event is often considered to have taken place in 1521 when Luther was excommunicated by the Pope and officially started the Protestant Reformation.

What when was the industrial revolution?

The industrial revolution was when the marketing industry (based in people's homes) to when factories began to be used. The Industrial Revolution began in the 18th century until the early 20th century MAKE IT SHINE : D

When did hunting platypus become illegal?

The early twentieth century

What were the dates for the European commercial revolution?

According to Wikipedia, it lasted from the 16th century to the early 18th century. See the link below.

When did football become an official school sport?

In the late 19th century and early 20th century

What and when was the Industrial Revolution?

second half of the 18th century

How long was revolutionary time period?

The Revolutionary Time Period typically refers to the late 18th century, covering events like the American Revolution and the French Revolution. It lasted for about 25 years, from the early 1770s to the early 1800s.

How did people become teachers in the early 19th century?

They proved they had good moral character.