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The Mongols Created such a huge empire by killing women and children, and wiping out armies, towns, and cities. They eventually ruled almost all of Asia and most of Europe.

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Q: How did the Mongols create such a large empire?
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How large was the Mongols Empire under Kublai Khan?

Not that large

How did the mongols create such a large land empire from the battle of kalka river?

through battles and concored lands which seems to be their greatest joy in

How did the Mongols encourage trade?

They would create a large empire, allowing for the spread of ideas and goods within the empire.

How did mongols create their huge empire?

The mongols collected a lot of tax money and adopted aspects of the Chinese culture such as Confucianism Their workers improved a lot

How do you use the word Mongols in a sentence?

The Mongols were a nomadic people who created a vast empire in the 13th century.

Who was the leader of the Mongol invasion?

Genghis Khan was the first leader of the Mongols and led them to conquer and create a huge empire..

The Mongols built great highways across the empire?

Trade and travel increased in the empire because the Mongols constructed extensive highway systems. :)<3

The presence of the Mongols had a large cultural effect on what two countries .?

The Mongol empire existed in the 13th and 14th centuries and was one of the largest land empires in history. The presence of the Mongols had a large cultural effect on China and Russia.

What country were able to defeat the Mongols and stop the expansion of their empire?

Vietnam defeated Mongols three times!

What culture did the Mongols influence?

The Mongols at their peak [Mongol Empire] were expanded from the Pacific Ocean to European Russia

Which areas did the mongols conquer and incorporate into their empire?


Did the ottomans let the mongols live when they captured constantinople?

Constantinople was not a Mongol city. It was the Capital of the Byzantine Empire. The were no Mongols