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A plastic bag will melt only if it is

  1. put on a hot stove or other heat
  2. in contact with other strong chemicals.
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Q: What is the meaning of a melting plastic bag?
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Is it dangerous to apply hot glue to plastic bags for artistic purpose?

If the melting point of the glue is lower than the melting point of the bag, it's not.

Will water boil in a plastic bag on hot coals with out melting the bag?

No, the bag will melt if too close or touching the hot coals. Answer I've never tried it with a plastic bag. However, I have seen a Paper bag filled with water sit on a fire without burning. I'm not sure if it was boiling or not. and it is hunter harris

Which Fruit will rot first the one in the plastic bag or without plastic bag?

in the plastic bag first

Will banana brown faster in a paper bag or plastic bag?

plastic bag

How many plastic bags are there in one plastic bag?

There is typically only one plastic bag inside another plastic bag, unless they are packaged in multiples.

How will a banana ripe faster in a plastic bag or outside?

plastic bag

What is a baggy?

A baggy is a small bag, particularly a clear plastic bag.

What do you use plastic bag for?

plastic bag has many uses .the main is shopping.

Should you get plastic bag or paper bag from the store?

I personally think that you should get a plastic bag from the store because paper bags will rip a lot easier than a plastic bag will.

Are expensive plastic bag stronger or weaker than cheap plastic bags?

AN EXPENSIVE PLASTIC bag is stronger!

What actors and actresses appeared in Plastic Bag - 2009?

The cast of Plastic Bag - 2009 includes: Werner Herzog as Plastic Bag Barbara Weetman as Maker

Is there such a thing as an edible plastic food bag?

There is not such a thing as an edible plastic food bag. This is because plastic is made from oil.