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What is a long time? Eggs that are to be artificially incubated are usually stored at 5-7C (40-45F) - this is OK for at least 10 days. Many gallinaceous birds lay clutches of 10-20 eggs and they incubate only when all are laid. The eggs are left at ambient temperature for as long as 3 weeks and they will hatch fine. Very few birds start incubating from the first egg. Some eggs may chill for periods of days during incubation with no ill-effect. One example is storm petrel eggs. This is believed to have evolved in response to the possibility of storms at sea keeping birds from the nest for extended periods.

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Q: If a bird egg is in the cold for a long time then it warms up Will it turn into a bird and hatch?
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How long can a pigin egg hatch?

there is no such bird.

How long does it take for bird eggs to hatch?

2 weeks

How long does it tke for a bird to hatch on runescape?

Anything from 1 - 3 days, depending on the bird.

How long does it take for the average bird to hatch?

For a bird to hatch, it takes about 2-3 months. My class did birth of chickens and it takes 2-3 months.

How long do cocktail bird eggs take to hatch?

Cockatiel`s eggs normally hatch after about 19 days.

Can a dented but not cracked bird egg hatch?

Yes, as long as the sack inside the shell isnt pierced the egg can hatch no problem.

Can a chicken egg hatch in an incubator after becoming too cold?

It depends. Did stay out in the cold for too long? If it did it will hatch but maybe become sick or die in the egg

How long does it take for a robin bird egg to hatch?

It takes about12-14 days (a week and 5 days- 2 weeks) for robin bird eggs to hatch :)

If a fertilized egg is cold and the hen has come of can the egg be reheated and hatch?

It depends on the species of bird that laid it, how cold for how long and how far incubated the egg is, but eggs can be left to cool for surprisingly long periods if incubated - in some species it can be days, but most it can be an hour or so. Under ideal storage conditions, fertile eggs from many species of bird will remain viable, if not incubated previously, for a month.

How long does it take for a bird to hatch when there are already cracks on the egg and it is ready to come out?

1 million years hahahhahhaha

How long after eggs hatch do babies leave nest?

# it takes about 1-2months for a baby bird leaves its nest.

Why can't you hatch a egg that you eat?

i think its because its been in the cold (fridge) for too long...