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There are a few countries which offer universal health care to their citizens. Canada is one country which has universal health care. Other countries offering this type of health care include the United Kingdom, Norway, Sweden, Iceland, Japan, and Italy.

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Q: Which countries offer universal healthcare?
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What Does Universal Opposition?

Universal opposition is usually referring to the opposition to universal healthcare. Universal healthcare allows individuals to receive healthcare without paying for it. They do, however, pay extra taxes each year. Opposition to universal healthcare means that you do not agree with it.

There needs to be universal healthcare in the United States.?

There needs to be universal healthcare in the United States.

Is the NHS unique only to the United Kingdom?

No, somewhere in the region of 50 countries operate some form of Universal Healthcare System.

What is healthcare in Thailand?

Thailand has a universal healthcare system that is means tested.

What countries have health care?

All countries have some form of Health Care or another. If the question is: "what countries have Universal healthcare" - this is a broad subject which has been implemented in different countries in several ways.A good source:

What problem did the Clinton administration fail to address successfully?

k12-Universal Healthcare.

Which do you think is the biggest or most surprising difference between the USand other countries?

One major difference is the healthcare system, with the US being one of the few developed countries without universal healthcare. Another significant difference is the emphasis on individualism and personal success in the US compared to the more collective mindset in many other countries.

Does the US provide universal healthcare coverage for its citizens Should it?


What are the benefit of universalism?

There are many benefits of universal healthcare. It would provide healthcare to every citizen, there would be unlimited access to healthcare, healthcare would be affordable, and there would be less medical errors.

What services does BJC Healthcare offer to consumers?

BJC Healthcare offer a number of healthcare services to patients in St Louis, Illinois and Missouri. They provide inpatient and outpatient services, primary care and work place healthcare.

Which major insurance companies offer private healthcare?

All insurance companies offer private healthcare. All healthcare is private due to HIPPA laws. Anthem is a great insurance company that offers private healthcare.

Is America the only place with no universal health care?

No. Most of the African continent and much of the middle east have no universal health care. The claims of universal coverage in many countries is misleading. They may offer free medication but not the kind of coverage we would consider to be appropriate to the term.