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Q: What are the countries in non aligned nation?
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Which European nation belonged to nonaligned community?

Yugoslavia was usually considered 'non-aligned' during the cold war. The following countries were 'neutral', and belonged to neither the Warsaw Pact, nor to NATO: Switzerland, Austria, Sweden, Finland.

What was the non aligned community and which nation belonged to it?


What are problems faced by the non aligned countries?

poverty, literacy,health

Why did Pakistan join Non Aligned Movement?

Pakistan joined the Non-Aligned Movement because it represented the common interests of of the newly-independent developing countries.

What are the problems faced by the non-aligned countries today?

poverty, literacy,health

The first summit of the non aligned movement was held in?

1st NAM Summit held at , Belgrade 1961 ! Purpose of this Summit - to ensure "the national independence, sovereignty, territorial integrity and security of non-aligned countries"

Is Mozambique US or USSR non-aligned?

Mozambique is non-aligned.

When was Non-aligned Coalition created?

Non-aligned Coalition was created in 1987.

What advantages and disadvantages might being nonaligned have offered a developing nation nation during the cold war?

There were no advantages to being non-aligned, as it left nations essentially prostate before the great powers, plus the term was meaningless as in reality "non-aligned" nations were simply nations that quietly sided with Soviet Russia in the Cold War.

What is another name for the third world countries during the cold war?

Non-aligned nations Buffer States

During the Cold War many countries joined the Non-Aligned Movement in order to?

C.avoid being dominated

What is the role of Non-Aligned Movement in the world today?

the world is still divided into two groups developed countries and developing countries .colonialism is still present in s ome countries