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Job Applications normally ask basic information such as:


Present and previous address information

Telephone and email numbers

Date and place of birth

Social security number

Drivers License number

Educational backround - high school grad? college grad? Degree?

Names of school and years enrolled.

Present and previous employment - reason for leaving your last job(s)

Job title / experience

3-5 personal references

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how long you wish to work for the establishment a pe x
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They usually start with some really hard ones, like your name, age, and social security number. They will want to know what level of education you have completed and where you have worked before.

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Categories on job applications include contact information, job history, and references. Applications may also include availability and education. There will also be a certification at the end of the application.

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the names of references

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Q: What kind of questions are on job applications?
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