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Uppsala is located in Sweden.

Other towns called Uppsala exist in for instance US.

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Q: What country is Uppsala in?
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What is the country code and area code of Uppsala Sweden?

The country code and area code of Uppsala, Sweden is 46, (0)18.

What is an uppsala resident?

Someone who lives in the Swedish city of Uppsala. There is a Bo Svensson living in Uppsala. He is a resident of Uppsala.

What is Uppsala's population?

The population of Uppsala is 140,454.

Where is Uppsala?

uppsala is in england i dont know where it is sorry

When was Uppsala University created?

Uppsala University was created in 1477.

When was Uppsala County created?

Uppsala County was created in 1714.

What is Uppsala County's population?

Uppsala County's population is 336,533.

What is the area of Uppsala?

The area of Uppsala is 48.77 square kilometers.

When was Archdiocese of Uppsala created?

Archdiocese of Uppsala was created in 10##.

Where did Anders Celsius go to college?

The University of Uppsala

When did Valerius - Archbishop of Uppsala - die?

Valerius - Archbishop of Uppsala - died in 1219.

When did Conquest of Uppsala happen?

Conquest of Uppsala happened on 1521-05-19.