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The countries in the Caribbean that speak Spanish are Cuba, the Dominican Republic, and Puerto Rico. Additionally, there are some Spanish-speaking communities in countries like Belize, Haiti, and Jamaica.

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Q: What all countries in the Caribbean speak spanish?
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Does Spanish Caribbean speak Spanish?

There is no such thing as Spanish Caribbean but in the Caribbean most places do speak Spanish.But not all of them.

What northern countries speak Spanish?

The answer is that there are no northern countries that speak Spanish. all Latina/Hispanic countries are in the south near the equator.

What are the capitals of all the countries that speak Spanish?

i think kroustuca

Where do thay speak spanish?

In Spain or in all countries in South America. In Spain or in all countries in South America.

How do you say welcome to club Caribbean in Caribbean?

Depends on where in the Caribbean you are. All Caribbean countries (except Haiti) have a European language (English mostly, as well as Spanish, French and Dutch) as the country's official language.

Do all latin American countries speak spanish?

most do, Brazil speaks Portuguese, all the others speak Spanish with many different dialects depending on which country and what region.

What is the name of a country in the Caribbean?

The 3 countries in the Caribbean where Spanish is the official language are:CubaThe Dominican RepublicThe United States territory of Puerto Rico

If you are of Caribbean descent are you are Latino?

Only if you are from Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, Cuba and Haiti. Those are countries from the Caribbean that are considered Latino because they all speak a latin language.

Three countries in North America?

No, 23. All the way from Canada to Panama, as well as the Caribbean.

What Spanish speaking countries begin with E?

Ecuador, El Salvador, Equatorial Guinea all speak Spanish as an official language.

Which countries in the Caribbean is Islam practiced?

In all the Caribbean countries but with different percentages in numbers.

What does yo habla espanol mean?

"Yo habla espanol" is incorrect in Spanish. The correct form would be "Yo hablo español," which means "I speak Spanish."