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"Provincial government" should be capitalized when referring to a specific provincial government by its official title, such as "Ontario Provincial Government." Otherwise, it should be in lowercase when used generically, such as "the role of provincial governments."

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Q: When to capitalize provincial government?
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Do you capitalize the p in provincial?

You only capitalize the 'p' in 'provincial if it is at the start of a sentence or part of a name/title.

What does MPP in provincial government stand for?

Members of Provincial Parliment

What is a provincial government?

Provincial Governement is a government that Proposes laws for for only Alberta.

What type of government does Ontario have?

they have a provincial government

Do you capitalize G in Texas State Government?

The "Texas State Government" is a noun, and it is proper to capitalize it. Just as you would capitalize the name of a person.

What type of government does British Columbia have?

Provincial government

What are the three levels of government in Canada called?

The three levels of government are federal, provincial and municipal.

Who is your prvincial representative in BC?

first of all if there is a representative for the provincial government that would mean that he/she is in a provincial government. if somone is in delta he/she is in a municipal government. your question cannot be answered because you asked for the representative in provincial government in delta (municipal government. ex. if it is a country it is federal if it is a province it is provincial if it is a city it is municipal.

What is the difference between a member of Parliament and a member of provincial Parliament?

Members of Parliament represent a riding in the federal government, while Members of Provincial Parliament represen a riding in the provincial government.

What are the responsibility of provincial government?

The responsibilities of the provincial government are housing, education, labour legislation, sports and recreation, social services, roads and bridges, doctors and nurses, tourism, and provincial police.

Why do you have a Provincial Government?

We have provincial government because people can vote , participate at provincial events happning and they can get involed with it and discuss what's happening around the provine and give their oppinion to what they think. We also have provincial government because the MLA's and Cabinet Ministers and the Preimer and the Luietenant Govenor can make disision's on your behalf .

Are provincial government in charge of university's?