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The Lacoste logo is of an alligator. An image of the LaCoste logo can be found on Photobucket and on LaCoste's website. There are currently over 250 images of the LaCoste logo on PhotoBucket.

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Q: Where can one find a picture of the LaCoste logo?
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Where can one find discounted Lacoste men products?

One can find discounted Lacoste men's products from the Lacoste outlet stores. Also, one can find Lacoste products online at Ebay and Amazon. In addition, one can find these products when department stores have their sales.

What does the lacoste logo mean?

Contrary to popular belief the Lacoste logo is not an alligator. Lacoste was a tennis player and was nicknamed "The Crocodile". One of his friends embroidered a crocodile on his blazer and he loved it. He then went on to create his own cloths and used the crocodile to represent his clothing since he was nicknamed "The Crocodile".

What are three items one might find at a Lacoste sale?

At a Lacoste sale, you can purchase items such as men, women's and kids clothing, jewelry and accessories. You can get a full listing of available products from Lacoste online at the Lacoste website.

Where can one find a picture of the Cadillac logo online?

A picture of the Cadillac logo may be found online at the Cadillac website. It als also found on many Cadillac fan websites, or on the brand's facebook page.

What is Lacoste Red and where could one buy it?

Lacoste Red is a perfume which is sold at most department stores such as Macys. Other find fragrence and perfume stores will should also carry the Lacoste Red brand.

Where can a person find an image of the Best Buy logo?

One can find a picture of the Best Buy logo by going to Best Buy's official website. One could also go to Best Buy's Facebook page or check out Google Images.

Where can one find cheap Lacoste shirts?

One can find cheap Lacoste shirts from a variety of different stores. One can try a bargain clothing store such as TK Maxx, the discount rail at a large department store, or sites such as eBay.

Where can one find a Lacoste clothing outlet store?

You can find a Lacoste clothing store at many of your local malls or specialty outlet shopping areas. You can easily find one by going to their website and using the zip code search box and typing in your local zip code to find the nearest location.

What is the logo on Champion sweaters?

The logo on Champion brand sweaters is a picture of a large letter C. Inside the letter C, is a stripe, typically colored in the color red, and underneath it, one can find the word Champion.

Which company was sued by LaCoste for using its logo or a similar one?

Crocodile International in Hong Kong China--- The lawsuit centered on Lacoste's right to use a left-facing crocodile. The company uses a right-facing crocodile, but had registered trademark in China for a left-facing crocodile as well.

What is the Logo for Independence High School a picture of?

independence high school has picture of United States of America national flag has there logo pictures. this school is one of famous school of America .

Where can a person go online to buy Lacoste shoes?

One can go on various online websites to buy Lacoste shoes on sites such as Amazon or eBay. One could also go to a local store and try to find them there.