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Camels were never native to Arizona. Any camels that ever existed in Arizona were brought over from the Middle East and Northern Africa, where they are native to. The only camels living in Arizona are held in captivity.

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Q: Did wild camels used to live in Arizona?
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Were do wild horses live?

Nevada and Arizona

Do CAMELS live in only one place or do they move around?

Wild camels will move around to get food and water, which every living thing needs.

What mammals live in the saharan?

Camels, donkeys, wild dogs, hares, jerboas and some antelopes

Are there more camels kept in captivity than there are camels in the wild?

There are far less camels kept in captivity than those found in the wild. There are only a few thousand camels in captivity while there are in excess of 10 million believed to be in the wild.

Do camels migrate?

No. Most camels are not wild and they stay with their owner year round.

What did the afghans bring to Australia?

Lots of wild camels

Are there wild dogs in Arizona?

yes are wild dogs in Arizona like wolves coyotes

How do camels find and keep water?

there are no wild camels so they are given water in captivity, and they store the water in there humps.

Are there camels in Africa?

Yes. Australia is the only country that has wild camels. The Arab traders brought them over to help transport luggage and goods, and they just started to breed, and now there is a large number of wild camels, mostly in central Australia.

Are camels plentiful or extinct?

Wild camels are extinct in their natural distribution in North Africa an the Middle East. However, there are thriving populations of wild camels in outback Australia which are the feral descendants of animals introduced from Afghanistan for camel train transportation in the nineteenth century.

What do wild camels eat?

willd camels eat cacti, desert plants, insects, and any other plant matter

What animals live in the Thar Desert?

camels fish birds and rats lizards and lions :)