Do blue whales eat penguins

Updated: 11/13/2022
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Penguins do not eat blue whales. They'd have to peck for hours only to get through the skin.

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Blue whales do not eat penguins. Blue whales would much rather prefer eating krill and small fish over any penguin.

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Q: Do blue whales eat penguins
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Where do whales eat?

Most whales like humpback whales, sperm whales, and blue whales eat krill or plankton. Killer whales eat penguins, seals, or turtles.

Rockhopper penguins eat what?

Whales mostly. Whales eat krill but also eat all types of penguins. Some sea lions are also known for eating whales.

Do orca whales eat penquins?

Orca Whales do eat penguins. The Orca diet also consists fish, squid, seals, sea lions, dolphins, porpoises, and large whales such as the Blue Whale.

What does whales eat other than krill?

small fishsquid bigger whales walrus penguin dolphinsGoeduck clams

Does a penguin eat a whale?

No whale would predate on penguins. If you heard about killer whales doing that, they are actually in the dolphin group.

What animals does killer whales eat?

They eat penguins and fish

What types of penguins do killer whales eat?

pretty much all penguins

Do litle blue penguins eat litle blue penguins?

no they only eat fish

What kind of whales eat penguins?

The only kind I know about are killer whales.....

Do sharks eat blue whales?

Yes blue whales eat shark,other whales,and jellyfish.

What fears killer whales?

the things that killer whales seals and penguins.

Do blue whales eat krill?

Yes, blue whales do eat krill. They eat a lot of it too!