Do cats mate for pleasure

Updated: 10/9/2023
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uhhh. i dont think so. when they do the girl cat is screaming while the boy cat bites her to hold her down. yea. its not very good. do you happen to know how to get cat sperm from a male for future insemination without having have the female be in heat if you do please tell me (thanks)

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No. Cats only mate when the queen is receptive or in heat and demands the attention of a tom cat. However, the courting itself is quite unpleasurable in itself as often the queen (the female cat) will try to get away from the tom (the male cat) if she finds him too painful to endure. He has to just about force her into submission so he can mount her and "service" her properly.

The tom cat has tiny barbs on the shaft of his penis which, when inserted into the queen's vagina during intercourse, tears the sensitive epithelium of the vagina, stimulating her to ovulate as he ejaculates his sperm into her. These barbs are very painful for the queen, but acts as a kind of velcro that helps keep the tom attached to the queen so he can stimulate himself to ejaculation.

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Q: Do cats mate for pleasure
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