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Because plants are less complex than an animal body.

Animals have a heart, intestines, muscles, and a brain. All that need a ton of energy to keep it going. Plants just need water, sunshine, and soil to sustain itself and it doesn't even have to move to get it. Plants are able to absorb their nutrients whereas animals must first find it and then consume it. Finding food for the animal could take all day of running around on its previous meal's energy. Animals are a lot more physically active than a plants. Plants just sits all day and while it's inner cells and roots work to get water. Plus animals are bigger and it takes a lot more energy to fuel it. For instance, if you have a small economy car and a huge eighteen wheeler truck, which is going to take more gasoline? Or (in an electric car) which is going to use more electricity to charge it?

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Food is a kind of fuel, which provides energy to all living organisms.

It's a kind of basic stuff for obtaining energy.

Animals have complex system, they have specialized cells and tissues and even organs, for carrying out various life processes and for all this, they need energy - in lots n' lots. In contrast, plants have nothing to do with organs, and movement too, they are stationary and thus their energy requirements are also very less, as compared to that of animals..

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Q: Why plants need less energy than animals?
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Can anmals create the energy they need to live?

No. Neither can plants, for that matter. Animals get the energy they need from plants, or from other animals, which they eat. Plants get their energy from the sunlight.

Why do plants need energy from animals?

They need Co2 from animals. Which is why we need them, for oxygen.

What is the initial energy source for desert animals?

The energy source is the sun. Plants use solar energy to produce the foods they need for growth. Animals feed on the plants or feed on animals that eat plants.

Why is it better for humans to obtain their energy from plants rather than animals?

Obtaining energy from plants is more efficient, as animals need to consume large amounts of plants to produce a much smaller amount of meat. Additionally, plant-based diets are associated with lower risks of chronic diseases and have a lower impact on the environment. Transitioning towards plant-based diets also promotes animal welfare.

Why do plants and animals need energy?

Plants and animals need energy to carry out essential life processes like growth, reproduction, movement, and maintaining homeostasis. This energy comes from breaking down nutrients in food through processes like photosynthesis in plants and cellular respiration in animals.

Why do animals and plants need heat?

Animals and plants need heat to maintain their metabolic processes, which include growth, respiration, and reproduction. Heat helps enzymes to function properly and supports various biochemical reactions that are essential for their survival. Maintaining an optimal temperature range is crucial for their overall health and well-being.

What do Living organisms obtain energy from?

The sunmost living things get their energy from the sun, though indirectly. the bottom of the food chain depends on plants, then other animals eat those animals. Through each layer there is less energy being passed along, because most of the energy comes from the sun (and water and oxygen that plants need to produce energy), and is converted into usable energy by plants and the like

What does plants and animals need to survive?

water, food(energy),shelter

Why do plants and animals need to release energy from food?

So they can live

Why animals eat plants?

Plants are producers they trap sunlight and make it into sugars. Only plants can do this and therefore animals need to eat plants as food to get the energy that plants have made to live.

Why do animals eat plant?

Plants are producers they trap sunlight and make it into sugars. Only plants can do this and therefore animals need to eat plants as food to get the energy that plants have made to live.

Which organisms in the food chain use solar energy as its main source of energy?

Everything in the food chain uses solar energy. Plants use it to grow and to make it's food. Animals need it because that is what they eat and we need animals and plants to survive.