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The abbrevation for monsieur is simply M.

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Q: Abbreviation for Monsieur
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What is the abrivation for monsieur?

the abbreviation is simply m.

What is the abbreviation of Monsieur?

M. monsieur (singular) is abbreviated: m. (no 'r') messieurs (plural) is abbreviated: mm.

How do you write Dear Mister in French?

Cher Monsieur is Dear Sir. if you know his name is Dupont, write Cher M. Dupont

How do you say Mrs. in French?

"monsieur" (Just to remember: when this word is used as a title, it must always have 'm' in capital letter [M. or Monsieur).

How do you abbreviate madame and monsieur?

Madame is abbreviated to Mme, the plural is Mmes.

What is the abbreviation for Monsieurs?

monsieur is abbreviated "m." messieurs (the irregular plural form of monsieur) is abbreviated "mm." on a letter or business card: monsieur et madame DUPONT > m. et mme DUPONT - madame > mme, plural: mesdames > mmes - mademoiselle > mlle, plural: mesdemoiselles > mlles

What is the the french word for mrs?

Mrs is "madame" in French. The abbreviation is 'mme'. The (irregular) plural is "mesdames", abbreviated 'mmes'

Is it monsieur or un monsieur?


Hello mr in french?

The French term for 'Mister' is 'Monsieur.'

What is the abbreviation for mister in French?

== == The French equivalent of mister is monsieur, which is abbreviated M. (including a period). Note: The abbreviations Mme (madame) and Mlle (mademoiselle) do not use periods because they end with the final letters of the full words. However, M. does use a period since it does not end with r, the final letter of monsieur.

What was Monsieur's main concern?

What was the Monsieur’s main concern

Where did the monsieur come from?

monsieur is the translation of "sir" in french