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Yes They Would Due To Lack Of Soldiers In WW1

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Q: Did farmers have to go to fight in world war 1?
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What did you get to go in the trenches?

To fight in the First World War or similar. To fight in the First World War or similar.

What age did men go out to fight in World War 1?

every man came to fight in the war at 19

What year did nicholas the second go to fight in ww1?

He went to fight in World War I in 1915.

Why did people go to world war 2?

Thats just what you did, if you couldnt get a job, or you just wanted to fight, war was the way to go

Why did women have to go to work during World War 1?

Many of the able bodied men had to go fight in the war. Someone had to make the war materials.

How old did you have to be to go to fight in World War 1?

18 to 45 was the age requirement.

Why did every man over the age of 16 have to go and fight in World War 2?

every man had to war to serve there country

Where did the fight in world war 2 go on?

WW II took place in the Pacific, African, and Europe.

Did the us troops go to France to fight in World War 1?

Yes, Americans were in France in WW1.

What character traits are the anzacs said to have?

the ANZACs were said that a courageous image, to go to war and fight for the freedom of the world.

Why did the French surrender and still fight in World War 2?

Well they fought because they did not want to go down with out and fight. But they knew they would loose a lot of men.

Why did demand for farm products go down after World War I?

During WWI, farmers were encouraged by the US government to increase their production to send their goods overseas for the nations at war. Essentially, American farmers were feeding European troops. When the war ended, there was no a longer demand for all the food, so farmers no longer needed to produce as much, hence why farm products went down after World War 1.