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It was constitutional because the North was fighting for the "equal rights That's what the fight was about. The southern states thought since they had voluntarily accepted the Constitution they had the right to reject it when they did not agree with the federal government. The northern states disagreed.

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Q: Was the Civil War constitutional
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What constitutional issues did the Civil War provoke?


What are the constitutional issues relevant to the civil war and reconstruction?

The constitutional issues relevant to the civil war and reconstruction include the lack of a ban on slavery, secession was also not prohibited by the constitution

How did the Watergate scandal create a constitutional crisis?

It didn't. A Constitutional Crisis is when the country's constitution is in dispute, such as when the Civil War broke out.

What are facts about the suspension of Constitutional rights in the US during the US Civil War?

Some of the facts about the suspension of constitutional rights in the US during the US Civil War was limited powers that were weakened further by the Bill of Rights.

Why does the constitutional laws have more power then your state laws?

That's what the Civil war was over

What was a serious constitutional question after the civil war?

the political and legal status of the former Confederate states

What was the constitutional controversy that led directly to the start of the US Civil War?

the right to secede from the union

Thirteenth Amendment?

the constitutional amendment ratified after the Civil War that forbade slavery and involuntary servitude.

What were the three Constitutional amendments that resulted from the Civil War?

the 13th admendment, the 14th admendment, and the 15th admendment.

Which constitutional principle was the main focus of the North-South conflicts that led to the Civil War?

States' rights

What caused Confederate leaders to not be tried for treason at the end of the Civil War?

Abe lincon gave the "Constitutional amendment"

Why was the Civil War a Constitutional Crisis?

Yes. Some said Jefferson Davis was guilty of treason and ought to be hanged.

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