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The Civil War, the war between the Northern States who wanted to abolish slavery and the inhumane treatment of slaves and the Southern States who needed slaves to work on the large plantations. It was one of the most sad of times. Families were torn apart by choosing opposite sides.

Abraham Lincoln was elected President of the United States during this time. As a young man, one of his jobs was sailing supplies down to New Orleans where he saw the desperate lives of the slaves. He never forgot what he saw there. Because Lincoln was a compassionate man, he tried to stop the crisis that was coming. He was not able to that.

In studying history, most of the wars fought were inevitable. Man learned to fight before he learned to negotiate. Even now, the 21st century, man fights instead of making an effort for peace.

There are many great books written about the Civil War and slavery. Most of all, there are many great books about Lincoln. Pick one at a time, and learn about the attitudes, the problems, and the decisions made not only by President Lincoln, but by the South. Each side believed they were right. Many died because of the inability to compromise. The South was destroyed, literally, and the beloved President Lincoln was assassinated by a Southerner, John Wilkes Booth. Both sides paid a high price.

Slavery was stopped; the slaves were freed and given the right to vote, leave for other places; some were given land of their own. It took time for the pain to heal the North and the South. The descendants of those slaves endured. Many of the freed Black Men went West. They became the cowboys, the Calvary of the western army.

but very little social opportunities were available to them. What is in the heart of a human being that treats other humans badly? How do we change attitudes?

The pain of acceptance to the freed slaves was felt for many decades. Many were kept from entering restaurants, restrooms, schools, etc. Not until the 1960's were equal rights given to these Americans.

There are still many places in the world where people are mistreated because of their color and their religion, etc. Progress is happening slowly. It begins with you and me.

The fact is that though Slavery played a part in the Civil war it was not the true reason for its start. The way in which people saw themselves in that time period was not that they were the united states but were a part of it. Almost as an alliance is today, since the formation of the country up until the civil war, the state governments held most of the power and not the federal government. This was a huge problem as you can guess trying to keep each state governments happy. During the time of the civil war many things that the federal government was doing, such as taxes and trying to abolished slavery did not sit well with the most southerners. The means of life were also different, where the north was mostly industrial the south was mostly agricultural. This way of seeing things different not only with slavery but with almost everything eventually led to most of the southern states to leave the union.

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Q: Was the US Civil War inevitable?
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