What is the Domino Theory?

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The domino theory refers to any chain of events set off by a single event.

The Domino Theory is simple. One country falls to a foreign influence, in turn the country next to it falls, and then that one causes Another Country to fall etc. until all the countries in the area have fallen.

The example contributed above is the classic given for the Domino Theory. If you're wondering why it was related to the Cold War, it was because the Soviet Union used this technique to get all the countries in Europe to be communist, and they were successful because no one would decline them because they were a world super power and they knew they would be attacked if they did decline.

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The domino theory was based on the idea that: the rise of communism in any country was a danger to its neighbor (apex)

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answer: The theory that if one nation goes under Communist control, neighboring countries will do the same.

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Q: What is the Domino Theory?
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What are the weakneses of the Domino Theory?

The cold war is over; the domino theory is now irrelevant.

When was Domino Theory - album - created?

Domino Theory - album - was created in 1984-02.

Spread of Communism theory?

Domino Theory

What was the domino theory and why were Americans concerned about it?

The domino theory was a theory during the 1950s to 1980s, promoted at times by the government of the United States,

What are the basic propositions of the communist theory?

the domino theory

What was president Eisenhower's belief that the fall of one nation to communism would lead to the fall of others called?

The "Domino Effect" or "Domino Theory".


A belief that one nation's fall to Communism would lead to others - Apex

Did the domino theory work?

Yes and No.

Who believed in the domino theory?

President Dwight D. Eisenhower was the leader to believed in the domino effect. The domino theory dominated U.S. thinking about Vietnam during the Cold War.

What is the significance to us history on the domino theory?

the domino theory was that if Vietnam went to the communist side that all of south Asia would to

What is meant by the domino theory in terms of Vietnam?

The Domino Theory hypothesised that the fall of Vietnam to communism would act like a 'domino', inciting communist revolutions throughout Southeast Asia.

When President Eisenhower spoke of the domino theory the US was involved in what?

When President Eisenwoer spoke of the domino theory the US was involved in The Cold War.Ê The domino theory has been used to justify the need for American intervention world wide.

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