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None, the Confederate Army lost the war, though they won many battles in the early part of the war.

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Q: What wars did the Confederate Army win?
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Did the Continental Army win or the confederate army win in the American revolution?

It was the Continental army that won the American revolutionary war. The Confederate army did not appear until the Civil War, many years later.

When did the Union Army win Vicksburg?

Pemberton's Confederate Army surrendered unconditionally to Grant's Union Army on July 4,1863.

What important battle did the confederate army win on September 19th and 20th 1863?


What did the confederate army do after the Battle of Antietam?

Retreated to Virginia, where they would soon win a decisive victory at Fredericksburg.

What did Joseph hooker do?

Joseph Hooker was in the civil war and helped us win against the Confederate Army.

Confederate army defeats a union army?

no the Union army defeats the confederate army

When did Irish Confederate Wars happen?

Irish Confederate Wars happened in 1641.

What did the confederate army have over the union army?

The confederate army had better generals

When did Confederate States Army end?

Confederate States Army ended in 1865.

When was Confederate States Army created?

Confederate States Army was created in 1861.

How did the Confederate win the Battle at Bull Run?

The Confederates won The Battle of Bull Run because the Union plan was too complicated and General Burnside's army could not get a move on. With a little over half of the Union Army involved in the fighting and the center of the Union Army basically uninvolved, The Confederate army could regroup and attack one army at a time. The Confederate Army did not need to be larger than the entire Union Army. It only needed to be larger than the part that was attacking.

Who is the confederate army?

its the southern army