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Grant's attempt to destroy the Army of Northern Virginia through force of numbers in a huge frontal attack.

It failed, and the Siege of Petersburg draged on for many more months. Grant later said that Coldharbour was his biggest mistake and his biggest regret.



Grant's offensive against Cold Harbor aiming to outflank the Confederate position behind the Totopotomoy River forced Lee to extend southward his defensive line for further 12 kilometres to prevent the menace.

His counter rmove was successful but the vital position of Cold Harbor remained in Unionist's hand and Lee's freedom of movement turned out to be further reduced, which meant a prize for Grant's strategy.

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Q: What was the purpose of the Battle of Cold Harbor?
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Where was the battle cold harbor fought?

at Cold Harbor, Maryland

Where was the battle of The battle of cold harbor?

cold harbor,VA

When did Battle of Cold Harbor happen?

Battle of Cold Harbor happened on 1864-05-31.

What are some facts about the battle of cold harbor?

Cold harbor was the only battle that the confederacy and the union knew about, before the battle began!

What battle happened at Harbor Virginia during the Civil War?

If you mean Cold Harbor, Virginia, it was the battle of Cold Harbor. Michael Montagne

How did cold harbor battle start?

Trick question! cold harbor never happened!

How many American soldiers were in the Battle of Cold Harbor?

About 170 thousand Americans served at Cold Harbor.

Where did the battle of cold harbor in the civil war take place?

The battle took place at Cold Harbor Virginia, about 10 miles northeast of Richmond.

Winner at the battle of cold harbor?


Who won at the battle of cold harbor?


Who won cold harbor?

The Battle of Cold Harbor occurred as part of the American Civil War. The battle was won by the Confederacy, which was led by Robert E. Lee.

Was Cold Harbor in Virginia a harbor?

The famous US Civil War Battle of Cold Harbor began in early June. Cold Harbor was neither a harbor or a town. It was a location where five roads intersected and it had strategic importance.