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A battlefront is anywhere 2 or more armies oppose each other as a commander you may create a new front to draw enemy forces away from your main attack,for example after German and axis forces had been defeated in North Africa Italy was invaded,all along the US and Britain new that the only way to get to Germany was an assault on mainland Europe,but this front played its part by providing practice in sea bourne assaults for the eventual D Day,and tying down enemy forces,and to attack the Third Reich from the south and west,as commander you may want to open a new front to capture enemy assests,and sometimes to trick the enemy as to your true intention,

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Q: What were the battle fronts for in world war 2?
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Battle of the Bulge was one of them

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There were actually three fronts in World War Two. The Pacific, European, and North African fronts.

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What were the two fronts of world war 2?

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World War 2.

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The united states was at war on two fronts, Asia and europe

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