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Conditions in London during the war were not exactly favorable.It was decent 1939-e1arly 1940, when the war was fought in Belgium and France. When Hitlers Luftwaffe started boming London during the battle of Britain (also known as the blitz on London), most of the people living in London moved to the London subways which offered more protection than some air-raid shelters above ground.Others packed up thir belongings andmoved to the countryside.The food was rationed, scrap metal was needed to make weapons,silk was needed to make parachutes for fliers and airborne troops.Since Britain was an Island nation, Hitler had his U-boats and kriegs marine battle fleet (ships like the Bismark and Tirpitz) sink allied convoys from America and Canada which would bring in only a minimum of supplies,STARVING THE BRITISH POPULATION. The only man who helped the British people was the bulldogged Winston Churchill.He pulled them through the Battle of Britain, when the Bismark sunk HMS Hood, The fall of Tobruk, The fall of Sinapore, the allied victory at El-Alamein,Monty takes Tripoli ,etc. .

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Q: What were the conditions in London during World War 2?
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