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many people in the north were dead,injured,or missing.lots of forests an houses were burned down.reconstruction occured later in the years and the economy was restored.a man from the south shot abraham Lincoln in a Nickelodeon(now,in present day,isKnown as a theator).vice-presedent Andrew Johnson became presedent.

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The Civil War in the United States left the North in dire straits because of the money it cost to fight the battles and the money it would take to rebuild the South. There was much overcrowding towards the end of the war because people were leaving the war-torn South trying to find ways to make a living.

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A booming economy, as the factories and farms turned out the weapons, equipment and rations that were needed to keep large armies in the field.

But increasing war-weariness as the casualties mounted without any apparent result, and Lincoln believed that he would lose the 1864 election. Only some timely successes by Sherman, Sheridan and Admiral Farragut (relief of Mobile) averted a Democratic win, which would probably have meant Southern independence.

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It was a economic prosperity

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Q: What were the effects of the civil war in the north?
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