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a wall

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Q: When Germans left East Berlin in large numbers the East German government .?
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When Germans left East Berlin in large numbers, the East German government?

a wall

When Germans left East Berlin in large numbers the East German government...?

a wall

When Germans left East Berlin in large numbers and the East German government did what?

built the Berlin Wall (:A+

What did the East German government do when large numbers of Germans fled the country?

built the berlin wall

The East German government built the Berlin Wall to?

...keep the East Germans out of West Berlin.

When Germans left east Berlin in large Number's the east german government?

a wall

Are all the people that live in the german city of Berlin native germans?


What led to construction of the Berlin Wall?

Putting it very simply: the Cold War partitioning of Berlin and the fact that many people in East Berlin were fleeing across the border to West Berlin and freedom. The communist government built the wall to prevent these people from fleeing.

What Germany general won the Battle of Berlin?

No German general won The Battle of Berlin. The Russians defeated the Germans in that battle

Who created the Berlin Wall?

german government

Where does the German government meet?

In the Reichstag in Berlin.

What is the connection between East Berlin and the Berlin Wall?

East Berlin was the capital of Communist East Germany. However, many East Germans wanted to escape East Germany in order to find freedom in West Germany. The easiest way to do this was to cross into West Berlin, which was an enclave of West Germany that was completely surrounded by East German territory. The East German government was dismayed by the number that East Germans who were leaving East Germany and, therefore, built the Berlin Wall in 1961 in order to prevent the further hemorrhaging of population.