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Hitler does not have a grave, his body was cremated and his ashes was thrown in the Elbe river in Germany.

As the soviet Army approached Berlin, Hitler instructed his adjutant to burn both his body and Eva Hitler (nee Braun)'s body.

Hitler and Eva's remains were apparently discovered on May 4 but then returned to the ground as apparently the discovering Russians believed Hitler had already been found. When it emerged Hitler hadn't been discovered his body was quickly exhumed by SMERSH, a department of the Soviet 3rd Army and taken to a clinic in the town of Buch.

Kete Hoiserman, the assistant of Hitler's dentist, had been captured and located X-ray files. An examination was carried out on May 8, the Russians positively identified Hitler's dentures, and then issued a report.

In July, Stalin told his Allies at the Potsdam Conference that Hitler's body had not been found. The British government launched their own investigation but when published Hugh-Trevor Roper's report focused on the circumstances surrounding the death and not Hitler's body; the NKVD opened a new investigation in 1946 and uncovered a skull fragment and the report of May 8 had specified that "a skull fragment appears to be missing."

Hitler and Goebbels and their wives along with the Goebbels' six children were interred in Finov, exhumed once more when SMERSH moved, they were exhumed again on May 15, following another move, then buried totally unmarked on the outskirts of a small town called Rathenow in Brandenburg then were later moved to Klausnerstrasse in Magdeburg to the courtyard of a building where the 79th Rifle Division were based.

On March 13th, 1970, with a handover of control regarding the Magdeburg building imminent, the head of the KGB Yuri Andropov wrote "[Given the] possibility of construction or other earth moving operations on the location that may result in the discovery of the burial site, I hereby suggest that the remains be exhumed and destroyed by incineration."

In the early hours of April 5 the remains were exhumed for a ninth time. They were cremated and the ashes were mixed with charcoal, then cast into the River Ehle, near Biederitz.

As part of a 2000 exhibition in Moscow entitled The Agony of the Third Reich: The Retribution a fragment of skull, claimed by the Russians to be Hitler's, was displayed.

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Q: Where is Hitler's grave?
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